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  • Mike Gannuscio

Promoting Constitutional Values and Community Engagement: Mohave County Sheriff Candidate's Pledge

As your candidate for the Mohave County Sheriff, my platform is built on five fundamental commitments:

  1. Constitutional Adherence: At the heart of my campaign lies a strong commitment to upholding the laws of our Constitution. I will ensure that individual freedoms are not undermined by political interests.

  2. Fiscal Responsibility: I am dedicated to refining our department's budget by eliminating unnecessary spending and channeling funds towards enhancing training programs and equipping our officers with better resources.

  3. Employee Morale and Retention: I will strive to foster a positive work environment that offers competitive wages and clear paths for career progression. It's time to address and rectify the high turnover rate within our department.

  4. Community Engagement: I believe that our department's relationship with the community is key to effective law enforcement. My focus will be on ensuring every crime is thoroughly investigated and response times to rural areas are significantly reduced.

  5. Addressing Border Crisis: I am committed to understanding and addressing the repercussions of the border crisis, particularly the concerning rates of human trafficking and drug smuggling affecting our county.

My campaign for Mohave County Sheriff is about adherence to constitutional values, fiscal prudence, respect for our deputies, community involvement, and a responsive approach to border issues. Vote for safety, professionalism, and the commitment to make a difference.

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